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Guest Artist – Curt Mattson

Curt's passion is the world of the buckaroo and of today's horsemen & horsewomen plus those from the past who paved the way.  In his art, watercolor painting  & bronze sculpture, he reflects and documents their lifestyles.  His energetic Western art has the feel and authenticity of someone who has been there, done that, ridden with many a vaquero, and for good reason.  A native Californian, Curt worked on ranches throughout the state and western area for many years before dedicating his talent to art full-time.  He knows the buckaroo life, riding in open country that swallows you up with beauty, but can challenge your fortitude each day.  A buckaroo stands by his horse, both cold and wet already, and the morning may have just begun. He ropes maverick cattle, gathers, drives and trails a herd, or finds himself on the back of a bucking horse. No matter, the buckaroo understands the work, it's a lifestyle. Curt Mattson celebrates and shares the iconic American buckaroo and lifestyle in his art.

Watercolor is known as the most difficult of mediums, mistakes cannot be covered up with the brush. Curt enjoys the challenge of painting with watercolors and feels..."it's a permanent medium and draws me in to create paintings of the West."  Curt's love and respect for the working buckaroo and horsemen of today is an emotional part of each painting. 

Bronze sculpting allows Curt to share his passion for the buckaroo life in a tangible form. Not only the sense of sight, but sense of touch gives you a perspective from all angles on each art sculpture versus the flat format of a painting. Sculpting is what initially drew Curt into the art world.  He gained insight and knowledge from other sculptors who took the time and gave him the background needed to grow and advance in this field. 

Curt Mattson sculpts and paints creating images he hopes will encourage, excite and enrich viewers and be a source of joy to each collector. Curt Mattson and his wife reside in Arizona.  His works are shown in selected galleries, juried art shows and museums.

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