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Guest Artist – Shannon Lawlor

Welcome to Vaquero Heritage Days 2018! 

A native of western Canada, Shannon Lawlor resides in the province of Alberta where traditional bridle horse culture is strong. As a young girl, she was never far from a horse - or pencil. Immersed in the equine environment from toddler through formative years, her intuitive desire to put pencil to paper has been there since before she could spell. Today, her hands are skilled both in the saddle & at the easel. Shannon is acknowledged for her expertise as a horsewoman and as a gifted artist in the fine art world.

Greatly influenced by veteran horsemen, knowledgeable in old California stock horse traditions, many of her paintings portray the working stock horse and pay tribute to authentic working horsemen and ranching families maintaining old traditions throughout North America. She has a strong desire to help preserve this true western culture.

However, her work often moves beyond breed or discipline with an appeal that is meant to inspire and enlighten the viewer. She has carried her sketchbook from the prairie of her youth to the finest Arabian breeding farms deep in the heart of Poland creating equine art with swirling lines of unfurling mane, laying bare the resplendent muscle tone of a wither or depth of soul behind one of her subject's eyes. 

Shannon's artwork hangs in authentic ranches of western Canada and the U.S. as well as office towers, hotels & urban homes. Her work resonates with viewers crom all walks of life appreciative of authenticity and the majesty of the horse. She is often featured at invitational shows including The Hampton Classic Horse Show in New York, Arizona's Phippen Museum & Alberta's famed Calgary Stampede. 

Make sure to meet Featured Artist Shannon Lawlor at Vaquero Heritage Days where her latest original paintings will be showcased. She looks forward to sharing her love and respect of California's vaquero culture with visitors.

         "Horses are a part of my breath,

           an extension of myself"...SL    


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(Photograph lower right by Ross Hecox)